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Looking for More Ways to Be A Part of Indigo Ball History?

GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY EVEN IF YOU CAN'T ATTEND INDIGO BALL 2019 IN PERSON! Hi there, friend of the Center! This year's Indigo Ball will be bigger and more impactful than ever. We need your support to help our community honor the progress we've made together. Here's how you can help! BUY AD SPACE IN OUR PROGRAM! This year's Indigo Ball program will showcase our sponsors and community supporters with pages of ad space and shout-out opportunities. Showcase your community services, express your words to one of our honorees, or say "Happy Birthday" to one of the co-founders of the LGBT Center OC, Brad Brafford! There are many ways for you to give back, even if you can't make it to Indigo Ball this year. Want to learn more? Purchase your spot in our program and invest in more Indigo Ball opportunities by contacting Jasmine Rara [...]


The Countdown Continues! Officially 29 Days Until Indigo Ball!

SNEAK PEEK AT OUR LIVE AUCTION ITEMS! Hi there, friend of the Center!2 reasons why you won't want to miss this year's Indigo Ball. Here is a sneak peek of live auction items we have in store... GOODYEAR BLIMP RIDE FOR TWO Love heights and stunning views of Southern California?Then this live auction item is for you!This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a chance to ride the famous Goodyear blimp! Enjoy a breathtaking tour of the South Bay Beaches with your very own blimp ride for two.  NAPA VALLEY STAY Enjoy a relaxing weekend retreat in the beautiful countryside of Napa Valley. This live auction package is everything you need for a mind, body, and soul getaway.Stay at the historic and newly remodeled Brannan Cottage Inn, and have lunch for 6 at the upscale Solage. All of this and more awaits [...]



An Important Time of Year for Us All!  Dear Friends, April is often one of our busiest months of the year. We hold our breaths with eager anticipation as we prepare for the Indigo Ball - Themed L.G.B.T. - to arrive. This is our opportunity not only to celebrate our impact in the community, but to also recognize upstanding community members who have contributed to the empowerment, advocacy, and support of LGBTQ individuals in Orange County and beyond. Join us this month as we continue to bloom and grow with exciting Indigo Ball announcements delivered by our hilarious emcee, Justin Martindale! Our Torchbearer honorees include Jeanne and Gideon Bernstein, who have been vital to LGBTQ advocacy and awareness with the #BlazeItForward movement. We will also be honoring John Whelan and Brad Prescott, two of the community's largest supporters on both an individual and organizational level. We are excited to [...]



🍀 March is Here! 🍀 Dear Friends, As we foray into an early spring, we take note of all the changes happening around us. we've already done so much this year, and month 3 of 2019 is looking great. Join us in celebratingwhat the OC LGBTQ community has achieved so far! In January, the youth leaders of our Youth Empowered To Act (YETA) team were able to attend the Creating Change Conference, the largest LGBTQ youth leadership conference in the nation. They flew all the way to Detroit for a meaningful weekend of workshops, networking, and education opportunities. On February 12, we participated in Love Is Giving Day, a collaborative fundraising campaign with 7 other non-profit organizations in Orange County. Together we were able to successfully raise funds to support healthy teen relationships and health education here in our very own community. Sips & Giggles 2019 was a HUGE [...]



Laugh, Learn, and Educate With Us This February! Dear Friends, February is always an exciting time of the year here at the LGBT CenterOC. We're thrilled to invite you to attend one of our most popular events of the year, along with some new and exciting opportunities that we just can't stop talking about! On February 12, we are partnering with OC Community Foundation and 6 other organizations for Love Is - Giving Day. For this year's Giving Day, we are focusing on promoting healthy teen relationships.  The LGBT Center OC serves over 3,000 youth each year, providing safe spaces, education, support, empowerment, and health connections.There is currently an STI epidemic in Orange County, with chlamydia and gonorrhea rapidly on the rise. Our FREE HIV AND STI SCREENING services help thousands of community members per year get access to better answers and faster results. Help us continue providing these crucial services to the community by joining us on February 12. Your donation and [...]



Happy New Year, from Your Friends at the LGBT Center OC Dear Friends, 2018 was a record-breaking year for us in more ways than one. Not only did our capacity grow by 25%, but we also had the opportunity to introduce new members to our LGBT Center OC team. Let's take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments we achieved together in this past year: 2018 saw the release of Udoka Nweke and Jason Nsinano, two gay African migrants seeking asylum, from ICE custody. They are now on the path to American residency and have been given the freedom to live their truths. This is a huge victory for the LGBTQ and immigrant communities! We served over 12,000 community members in Orange County, with almost 3,000 visits to our youth programs alone. We had the opportunity to have almost 300 new youth join the Center's activities and programs. We [...]



Dear Friends, 'Tis the season for love and gratitude! And this year, we surely have a lot of it. As December greets us with the crisp air and a promise of good cheer, we at the LGBT Center can't help but reflect on all of the incredible stories and experiences we've shared this year. Each event held, each moment shared, and each life touched has made 2018 our most impactful year to date. And we couldn't have done it without you. Because of the incredible support and outreach within our community, we were able to change the lives of over 12,000 individuals right here in Orange County. We want to celebrate some of our biggest accomplishments. This year, we have had over 2,835 visits to our dynamic youth programs, which includes 290 new youth getting involved with the Center. We have trained over 1,750 Orange County individuals to be LGBTQ affirming in their [...]


An Introduction and a Reminder of Why I’m Here

Have you ever had a moment so powerful that it reminds you exactly why you do what you do? Have you ever been faced with an event so big that you want to reinforce your passions and work even harder to change the world for the better? Such a moment has recently happened to me. Allow me to tell you my story. Real Beginnings On August 1st, I became the new Marketing Coordinator here at the LGBT Center OC. And how quickly my dream has become a reality! It is an honor to get involved with an organization so compassionate, so helpful, and so important to the community that it drives me to work harder and be better every single day. This is the beginning of my life’s work. Being able to utilize my skills and resources to help other members of the LGBTQ+ community across all marginalized intersections [...]


Hate Mail

Well, it happened. We got a piece of someone's mind. In response to the year-end letters requesting tax-deductible donations by December 31st, we got the following response. Spoiler alert: It is, in fact, hate mail. It was pretty "Allful" in many ways. Maybe "Cal schools" didn't teach grammar or spelling back when s/he was a 5th grader. At least they asked nicely - they did say "Please". Twice. But, no. So many quotes and text underlined with THREE different colored highlighters. At least this person knows they can't spell hypocrite, not as much can be said for "bullys". Too bad they think only one woman wants equal rights. Our guess is that, behind closed doors, s/he writes angry, nonsensical, hate-fueled letters without the aid of a dictionary or the benefit of logical thought, fantasizing/thinking about what others do behind closed doors, swathed in self-hatred. This is why the LGBT Center OC exists. [...]


Have you heard what Happened in Houston?

Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) was intended to provide protection for its LGBTQ community, and failed this past Election Day. A campaign shrouded with lies caused a striking majority to disagree with protection against "discrimination in city employment and city services, city contracts, public accommodations, private employment, and housing based on an individual’s sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or pregnancy". The policy affording these protections had been put in place by city council, challenged in a successful lawsuit, which resulted in the removal of basic human rights by the vote. A travesty of justice like this is not unfamiliar to Californians (Prop 8, anyone?). …it’s not Just Happening in Houston. What is troubling about this to us, here at the LGBT Center Orange County, is that right now, signatures are being gathered for a [...]