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The LGBT Center OC provides education, resources and referrals to low-income and indigent, HIV-affected, documented and undocumented immigrants/migrants. We work with immigrants and refugees in accessing services and legal support for obtaining lawful immigrant or citizenship status in Orange County. At the local, statewide and national levels, we work with LGBTQ, immigrant rights and social justice advocates to fight for the dignity and rights of immigrants and refugees.

The websites and organizations listed below will be updated regularly to provide information and resources that address changes in immigration policies and the ongoing threats to immigrants.

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Sylvain is a 28-year-old gay man from Cameroon, a country where LGBTQ people are criminalized and where he was the victim of numerous acts of anti-LGBTQ violence that nearly took his life. After a dangerous journey through Brazil and Latin America, he surrendered himself at the San Ysidro point of entry in May of 2017. Our staff and volunteers visited him frequently and worked with Sylvain to get him legal representation. Sadly, Sylvain was deported recently even as his case was still in process at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. That means that even after two years of immigration detention, he never got to see what the U.S. looks like outside of jail. 

Upon Sylvain’s arrival in Cameroon, he was detained by authorities for four hours and they confiscated all his legal documentation and belongings. Sylvain now needs support rebuilding his life. Initially, his parents sold property to help him escape Cameroon to come to America. Now that he has been deported back to Cameroon, he needs help surviving safely. The LGBT Center OC is raising funds so that Sylvain can reestablish himself while exploring other avenues of hope. No donation is too big or too small. For any questions, please contact Luis Gomez at 714-953-5428 x 502 or at


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