• Gay Straight Alliance Outreach and Support: 

    Every year, we visit and outreach to over 45 Orange County high school and middle school Gay Straight Alliances and equivalent clubs to connect them with our resources and services.

    Additionally, we provide support to Gay Straight Alliances through school-wide events, such as Pride Week, Safe Zone Trainings, etc. If you are a student leader or staff member interested in having us visit your club meetings to present information about The LGBT Center OC, please contact the LGBT Center OC’s Youth Program Manager, Stephanie Camacho Van-Dyke at or the Youth Program Coordinator, Tony Ortuno at

  • Trainings

    Our organization provides educational workshops and trainings to middle and high schools in order to develop an inclusive learning environment for students. We are receiving more workshop requests than before, where schools look to our organization for answers on how to create a positive educational experience that reflects the diverse lives and experiences of their students. We are able to provide educational workshops and trainings to students on topics related to the LGBTQ community, such as: LGBTQ Language and Terminology; LGBTQ History; Identity and Self; LGBTQ Education for Students and Teachers; How to Create Safe Zones; and LGBTQ Literature and Writing Personal Narratives. It is crucial to view students through a holistic lens that recognizes and tries to understand the way in which identity and experience shape the LGBTQ students we work with in schools. Students are able to see themselves reflected in education where they do not usually appear and are able to connect and learn in a positive manner. Through our work in schools, students are able to experience a safe and supportive learning environment, where their lives are reflected and they can increase their academic achievement, positive identity, and well being in a holistic manner.

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  • District Advocacy:

    The LGBT Center OC supports the advocacy efforts of students and teachers to make schools safer and inclusive for LGBTQ students in school by pushing for updated policies and practices in school at local school district meetings. The LGBT Center OC works with policy experts to provide information, tools and resources to help districts and staff implement model policies that support the success of LGBT students and comply with California State Education Codes. The LGBT Center OC is prepared to work with your district as a community partner to develop relevant and appropriate instructional and support materials based on district needs such as professional development trainings, educators guides, and Safe Zone ID Badges. Contact:

  • OC LGBTQ Youth Convening:

    The OC LGBTQ Youth Convening is an annual conference organized by LGBTQ youth leaders to bring together other LGBTQ youth and their allies for a day of education, networking and support. We have a full day of workshops, presenters, resources and tools for attendees to raise awareness and create safe, affirming and inclusive spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth in Orange County. Info about Youth Convening 2020 coming soon!

  • OC Color Me Equal Leadership Boot Camp

    Each summer, we invite middle and high school LGBTQIA students ages 14-20 and Gay-Straight Alliance student leaders and members to participate in our “Color Me Equal” Leadership Camp, a two-week leadership series comprised of educational and interactive workshops. Youth leaders from the LGBT Center’s youth leadership group, Youth Empowered to Act, and youth program staff facilitate workshops focused on building education and developing safe and supportive educational environments for LGBTQ youth. Educational topics include: LGBTQ Language and Terminology; LGBTQ History; Identity and Self; Gay-Straight Alliance Club Development and Leadership; Safe Zone Trainings for Schools; and Writing Personal Narratives. As witnessed through the experiences of the workshop presenters and youth participants, the “Color Me Equal” Leadership Camp provides opportunities for youth to increase and build their academic success and connectivity and leadership skills to educate their peers on how to foster safe and supportive learning environments for all students regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity. Participants will learn tools to help their GSAs (Gender and Sexuality Alliances) and LGBTQ clubs educate, advocate, and organize for safe, welcoming and inclusive schools for all LGBTQ students.